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Heather Hill

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Feed your soul
through sound.

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Inviting you into my living room where sound pours into your heart and fills you with warmth, joy and magic.

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"A stirring piano ballad laced with soaring vocals and acoustic guitar, I Rise — the latest single from Hill’s third studio album We Are The Same — offers a keenly observant and compassionate take on overcoming life’s obstacles. Hill’s soul-stirring and life affirming music transcends, uplifts, and remains steadfast in its joyful celebration proclaiming no matter who we are and where we are, we all belong together because we are the same.

Darryl Sterdan - Tinnitist

Heather Hill Aims High with "I Rise" (2022-12-13)

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"Comparisons of Heather Hill to the singer-songwriter Tori Amos are inevitable. The piano-driven and rock-backed compositions are similar, but the content is less obtuse and dark than Amos’s style. Many of the songs are written to be inspiring power ballads or lighthearted major key tunes."

Noah Siegel, New Canadian Music


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