Photo credit: Brendan Albert

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There is nothing like writing and singing songs in my living room at twilight. My dog Fergus is nestled under my piano as the Blue Mountains are fading into darkness. The piano keys sound brighter and deeper, as my voice drifts off to find you. I imagine you listening and remembering as I sing you my stories. I see you there and I want you to know everything is going to be alright. We are ancient, you and I. We have much to catch up on. We are diamonds on the battlefield.

I have prepared all of my life for this moment to share my music with you. While I have a list of things I have accomplished, if you are like me, you may want to just skip to the music page :) If you do want my brief history, read on. :)

My musical life began in my babyseat under my mom's piano as she grieved the loss of her mother. I wanted to be like my mom and be able to play like her. My mom spent her baby bonuses on endless years of piano, theory and vocal lessons for me. At 18, I completed my piano performance degree with first class honours. Note that I had failed it the year before (it was a test to see if I was really committed). At that point, I had competed in so many festivals and competitions that I had lost track.

After turning down a music scholarship to university (oops), I spent many years in university enjoying writing (MA) and then business (MBA). I pursed many years in a high tech and venture capital career, until I found myself in hotel lobbies playing to the late night crowd. I was being called back. I eventually left tech to backpack around and write songs.


I recorded my first album “Listen” in New York (2004) with platinum producer Steve Addabbo. I learned a lot about songwriting and got my first cut in an off-Broadway show. After having two children, I wrote and toured my second album "Leuty Station" which was produced and arranged by pro vocal coach, Orville Heyn in Toronto (2012). I released a Factor-funded song and video called "Stupid Happy" which pretty much sums up my life. 


I have just released a compilation album of  acoustic songs written over the past ten years entitled "We are the same" (May, 2022). These songs embody my work of healing myself, activism, growing my family, and stepping into my leadership. I am now working on a full album release called "Twilight Mist" an adventure in sound frequency healing launching in the fall of 2022. 


I am in love with songs - writing them, studying them, playing them, and sharing them. With this passion for songs, I started the Toronto Songwriting Guild more than a decade ago. We meet monthly to work on songs with my music community. I am also a member of One Fire Movement - a grassroots group of artists spreading peace through their art and activism.  


Peak performance

One of Heather's favourite performances was playing to a packed house at the Drake in Toronto with her incredible band: Paul DeLong (drums), Russ Boswell (bass), Eddie Paton (guitar), Dave Restivo (piano) and the O'Pears (vocal backup).

Micah Barnes opened the evening with his incredible showmanship.