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"Canadian singer-songwriter Heather Hill - Beautiful, moving & powerful "

-  Life with More Cowbell

"Heather Hill is not only an incredibly talented musician, who weaves beautiful stories into music, she is an inspiration to her fellow artists. You can feel the power of her love in each and every song”.  ~ Indie Lipstik Review"

- Lizzie Violet, Indie Lipstik Review

"Comparisons of Heather Hill to the singer-songwriter Tori Amos are inevitable. The piano-driven and rock-backed compositions are similar, but the content is less obtuse and dark than Amos’s style. Many of the songs are written to be inspiring power ballads or lighthearted major key tunes."

- Noah Siegel, New Canadian Music

"Her album Leuty Station has a lot to do with the day-to-day life of women as well as the struggles that women are liable to face throughout a lifetime. Her songs are truthful and it seems as if she has personal knowledge of what she is talking about; she has a way of coming across as very intuitive."

- Alec Cunningham

A few music highlights:

  • Canadian FACTOR-grant – for her single “Stupid Happy”, 2014

  • Founded, leads the Toronto Songwriting Guild, 2007 to present 

  • Active Member of the One Fire Movement, 2015 to present

  • Publishing agreement with California-based GODIY, 2015 

  • Leuty Station (May 2012), played to packed house at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, followed by a Canadian tour and receiving a variety of media attention from CFRB In the Studio, Rogers Daytime Toronto, CBC Radio1, reviews and local features

  • Opened for members of Treble Charger, Summer 2012, Lop Lops

  • Songstudio award for best rock song – League of Rock award, 2010

  • After releasing her debut album "Listen" with producer Steve Addabbo and Tony Conniff in NYC, Heather also played many famous clubs (Makor Room, The Cutting Room). She got her first cut in an off-Broadway show compilation called "Songs of a Century" (2005) 

  • ARCT – First Class Honours, Piano Performance Degree, Royal Conservatory of Music / University of Toronto

Most days you’ll find Heather sitting at her piano in her Blue Mountains home nestled in the trees writing a song or rehearsing for a gig that showcases her original singer-songwriter music. Her fans will tell you that she has the percussive quality of Fiona Apple, piano style of Tori Amos, vocal phrasing/sensibility of Kate Bush and poetry/storytelling of late Leonard Cohen. She is indeed her own unique tapestry of artistry.

Heather is a seasoned musician who is enthusiastic about introducing her third volume of songs, "Liquid Love" which is a primarily solo acoustic series that reflects her love of wholeness, nature, human experience and spiritual becoming. She captures the attention of her listeners with edgy, truth-filled stories that allow space for healing, inspiration and surrender.

Leuty Station 2012, produced by highly regarding vocal instructor and composer, Orville Heyn was a multi-genre, piano-centric album that speak to facing life’s challenges head-on; a recurring theme is how women make it through life’s trials with strength and grace. This album delivers songs that are empowering and encouraging. Heather’s band included Eddie Paton on guitars, Russ Boswell on bass, and Paul DeLong on drums.

Heather Hill’s Leuty Station is a remarkable and beautiful sounding disc. With strong vocals, imaginative words, music with hooks, expansive arrangements, and sometimes epic production, she presents an interesting strong female image lyrically” Blair Packham from CFRB radio “In the Studio”.

Leuty Station was a departure from her first album, Listen (2005), which was produced by Steve Addabbo of Shelter Island Sound (Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin) and released in New York. Her guitar-driven debut was folk inspired. The songs were based on large scale life changes – leaving her career, traveling the world and starting her family in NYC. 

Heather's debut album "Listen" was an act of bravery as Heather was pregnant with her first child and first album. Her love of poetry and the piano combined in musical stories that will never be forgotten for those in my 3rd floor walk up in Manhattan's west side. Ann Ruckert, Record Producer, 13 Stories, NYC

Heather has spent a lifetime learning and understanding the language of music. As a classically trained pianist (ARCT, Royal Conservatory of Toronto) she never fancied herself as a composer. In fact, after years singing/piano instruction and performing, she lost her own voice. She even told herself she couldn't have a career in music because she wasn't good enough and would be broke. 

With a hiatus in academia (MA, U of Waterloo, MBA, Schulich School of Business) and a tech career, she was able to find her own music, and began to learn the craft of songwriting and composing. With great teachers from Humber College, Gotham, Mannes College NYC, SAC, Songstudio, Judy Stakee, she started trusting her own voice. She founded the Toronto Songwriting Guild in her basement (10 years ago) to share songs and craft with other independent artists.

Today, Heather is a cowriter on several artists' several. She is a musician’s musician. She loves the independent music community and writing with artists and playing with seasoned musicians. She is also passionate about helping great causes out with "One Fire Movement "— a grassroots movement to promote peace through the arts in Toronto.

Music for Heather is.a love story. Nothing more or less. She gets to create stories that reflect her heart and longings from her soul. 


Short Bio

Heather is published singer-songwriter living in Blue Mountains. She writes heart-opening stories, sings with passion, and plays haunting piano melodies. Her songs come from her soul’s longing to sing her truth and bring love to the world.  She recorded her first album “Listen” in New York (2004), her second album “Leuty Station” in Toronto (2012), and several solo and cowritten singles since then. She has a Factor-funded video, “Stupid Happy”, and has put out a set of acoustic songs called “Liquid Love”. Heather has a classical piano performance degree (ARCT) from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (U of T) and a Master of Arts (English) degree from U of Waterloo. She has led the Toronto Songwriting Guild for the past ten years – a group of 10-15 professional songwriters who are working on their craft. She is a member of One Fire Movement - a grassroots group of artists spreading peace through their art and activism.

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