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Be Gentle - We are the same

"Grace go with you. Grace be with you. Grace is the gentle in you."

While "Be Gentle" was written a few years ago, I wanted to share this song with you and its deep meaning for me. I have needed this song now, and you might too. In the past year, I have found it hard to get my footing. With my parents both having heart attacks and health challenges, a teenager in gender transition, among many other things, I have needed to remind myself to be gentle on myself as I grieve and surrender. While the world is heaving from war, sickness and inequity, I have been wanting to let the tears flow and allow the emotions to pass through me. I know I am not alone in overwhelm and hard things so I wanted to share this song with you.

Giving myself permission to feel and to be my authentic self is not easy in this world that promotes eating emotions and putting your best foot forward. "Be calm and carry on". But I also know when I just keep going and striving, I eat my emotions and cause myself sickness, trauma and numbness later. As I lean into feeling what is here for me now, I can find my way through. In fact, I can see the joy in the hardship and sweet in the bitter. I want to embrace all of it, but need to be gentle with myself.

When I am gentle to myself, I say no to things that are not necessary. I say yes to things that nurture and nourish me: good food, hot salt baths, inspiring music and hopeful messages, close friends, nature walks, song writing, and open spaces in my calendar. Moving big emotion and healing takes time and space. This song reflects this simplicity and clarity with only voice and piano. It is an expression from my heart to give love to myself and you.

When I had originally written this song in April 2020, I was writing about the mass shooting in Nova Scotia, Canada. A gunman disguised as an RCMP officer killed twenty two people. This was Canada's deadliest shooting on record. The families of the victims and the people of Nova Scotia were unable to grieve together because of the COVID lockdown protocols. I was moved to write this song for the twenty-two victims, their friends and loved ones.

I couldn't bare imagining the pain of children losing their moms and dads and colleagues losing their friends in this violent way. The sadness of this loss in contrast with the beautiful gestures of humans helping each other was so loaded with emotion and revelation. I could feel the song rumbling up from my feet, through my body and in my heart. Writing songs helps has always helped me process grief. Music helps us all find our way through. I speak of grace in the bridge, which is my ask for divine assistance given to us for our freedom and transcendence.

I wanted to offer a song to the Nova Scotians that had helped me heal in the midst of the insanity of violence and illness. It speaks to the fragility of humanity, strength of community and our ability to heal. It turns out we can overcome devastation by caring for ourselves, having compassion and taking the time. The part I was so moved by in this tragic story was the number of heroes that sacrificed themselves in bravery for others they didn't even know.

I can see the part of me that is capable of destruction. I have shadows, blame, shame, violence and rage. I accept my own shadows and work daily to disarm and evolve them. There is also the side of me that helps others, sacrifices for others, and loves deeply. Like all humans, I am a mix of all that is beautiful and awful too. The overwhelming feeling I am left with is hope for humanity. Can we heal the trust? Can we fix what is broken? Can we mend? I think so. And for now, it is time to give permission for gentleness and kindness.

For those of you that are open to other healing modalities, I offer a prescription to use along side of this song. This song's medicine has its origin in water. Letting the emotions and tears flow instead of holding them in is important for healing. Scorpio is the sign for November and its qualities are emotion and intuition. Its crystal is turquoise bring an energetic ebb and flow like the sea. It represents power and abundance. The lotus flower represents purity, strength and transcendence. The myrrh sacred oil is for healing mother, anointing and uplifting the spirit. The key of C minor, with a 256 hz frequency, stimulates and opens the root chakra to help one ground when there is high emotion.This root chakra is around the base of the spine and intestines.

This song is part of the recently released "We are the same" album. Thanks to Adam Fair at Villa Sound for recording and mixing this song. Enjoy and Grace go with you.

Be Gentle – Song Medicine

Sign: Scorpio - water sign

Crystal: Turquoise

Flower: Lotus

Essential Oil: Myrrh

Body Location: Base of the spine, intestines

Key: Cm

Frequency: 256 hz

Colour: Red

Chakra: 1st chakra – Root

Healing Solution – Digestion

Healing Impact – Spinal Release, Grounding

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