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Between the Sets with Church

Heather Hill is interviewed by Ian Churchward.

Well sometimes you have a really special interview. Ian Churchward and Steve McEowen from RogersTV "Between the Sets with Church" created a really fun interview experience. The TV camera, lighting, and sound, all came to me. My dog even got to be in the shots. The questions were really well thought out and I was able to play three songs live. Live performance is my favourite because that is where the magic is. Anything can happen. Mistakes can be made and new creations can emerge. I like it all.

I had this interview right after my mom had passed away and I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it. I heard my mom in my head say that "I need to get my lipstick on and get it done." I played "Strawberry Girl" (19 minutes in) which is a song about my mom and dad meeting in Port Elgin (right near where I live now). They met at a pavilion in the 1950s while the big band was playing. They met the next day at the beach and my mom was wearing a Strawberry bathing cap and carrying a strawberry beach bag. Wait what? She rocked it.

I also played "I Rise" (5 minutes in) a song I wrote with Harrison Fine about being able to rise no matter the weather. Sometimes life is stormy, but we can still show up. I was living this state during the interview. It really is possible to dig deep within and find hope to keep going. "I Rise" was about going away on holiday only to find that it was raining. The rhythm of the song is from the rain falling down a rain catcher. I love the percussion in this song as well as the etheric vocals which create a dreamlike experience.

The other song I picked was called "Venus" (11 minutes in). I wrote it at twilight in my home in Blue Mountains. I looked out my window and all I could see it this bright star. Venus was calling me to write about her and her beauty. I found myself in wonder about this planet and how it had such a different rhythm. Venus, the planet of the divine feminine, is my muse in this song. Her rhythm and timing is different, her axis is unusual, her beauty is profound and her message is freedom of creativity, expression, love and joy.

I hope you have a look at some of the other "Between the Sets with Church'. There are some amazing artists in fun locations. Have the best day.


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