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Blue Mountain, ON-Based Pianist and Singer Heather Hill Releases Inspirational “I Rise”

Sometimes we can feel the inspiration of an artist through their music. Singer-songwriter Heather Hill takes listeners on a journey through her inspirations of the naturally beautiful Blue Mountains in her latest single “I Rise.”

Hill’s new single is a stirring piano melody mixed with her soaring vocals. It is an example of her inspiration of the Georgian Bay coming to life to spread love and peace in the world.

For anyone familiar with the gothic inspiration of rural Ontario, “I Rise” contributes some of the most haunting representation of the beauty that can be seen throughout much of the province. Hill’s piano, mixed with acoustic guitar, adds depth to the lyrics that explore a humanity that is keenly observant, compassionate, and rooted in nature.

“I Rise” is the latest single from Hill’s third studio album We Are The Same, that was self-released on May 12, 2022. The album is a collection of 12 inspirational acoustic, piano-based songs that explore everyone’s impact on the world.

“This album was recorded in two parts,” explains Hill. “The first set of songs were recorded live off the floor with Julian Decorte. I collaborated with Harrison Fine on “I Rise” and Alec Steinwall and Orville Heyn on “We Are The Same.” The second set of songs were recorded in remote Singhampton with Adam Fair. I like to record live off the floor as I can deliver the song and story in its most raw and simple form.”

Hill recorded the album over the last five years while she moved from Toronto to the Blue Mountains. She sings about being gentle on yourself, calling for help, star gazing, acceptance, and being the flow of the river. The album was recorded and mixed at Canterbury Sound Company in Toronto. According to Hill, the album is like a warm hug on a stormy day.

After achieving a classical piano performance degree from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo, Hill and her partner moved to New York City where she performed in some of the city’s most legendary clubs such as The Cutting Room and the Makor Room. She also recorded her first album Listen with platinum-selling producer Steve Addabbo.

When Hill moved back to Toronto, she recorded her second album Leuty Station that saw success after a variety of radio and television plays on stations such as CFRB, CBC Radio 1, Rogers Daytime Toronto, and several local college stations.

Hill’s soul-stirring and life affirming music transcends, uplifts, and remains steadfast in its joyful celebration proclaiming no matter who we are and where we are, we all belong together because we are the same.

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