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I Rise - We are the same

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

By Heather Hill and Harrison Fine

This song dropped in on a rainy day when I was travelling. I was wanting a sunny not a rainy day, but was dealing with the reality in front of me. I was suffering with the heaviness of my situation. I was exhausted, depleted and overwhelmed by my life.

Standing under a covered roof, I was noticing a beautiful hanging rain-catcher. The rain was dropping from one level to another like it was dancing through the cups. There was a bell that rang as the rain touched the bottom level of the catcher. I was wondering about the magic of this rain catcher as it seemed exotic and intricate. My mood was transformed into delight.

My imagination took me. I could hear the rain as the steady beat. The song idea came in as I hummed the mantra, “I rise even when it rains”. This beautiful rain catcher was breaking the fall of the rain and turning it into music and wonder. Falling rain took on a sense of elevation.

I am often asked why “I rise, I rise, I rise, above” is descending in the music, instead of rising. As it turns out, the rhythm of the repetitive "I rise" is like the water falling from cup to cup in the rain catcher. This descending water lifted my spirits and I was mesmerized by it.

The intention of this song is really to embrace storms and let them wash over us. When you actually look closely at the storm, there is beauty in it. There is acceptance in that the storm is happening and you cannot control it. You can only let go and be present in it. Once the storm has passed, you can take stock of what is here now. I could see that the act of rising above cannot happen without the falling away.

Harrison Fine, a wonderful songwriter, performer and producer, was my cowriter on this song. He immediately understood the message of the rain in his life as well. With his experimental genius, he brought the song to life with rain sounds, guitar lines, and textures. Russ Boswell is on bass guitar. Arturo Avalos performed his rain dance as he played each of his percussion instrument. Karl Machat mastered the track. (Photo left to right - Harrison Fine Arturo Avalos, Heather Hill)

This song’s medicine is powerful for stress release and balancing. Like the rain, the sounds wash over you and create calm. The music is a prayer/mantra around releasing the worries of the world and watching the storm pass. It will pass, and you will have a new perspective. If you want to enhance your experience of the healing modality of this song, feel free to have handy the following flower, tuning fork, essential oil, and crystal.

The song is written in C minor and is 110hz (on your tuning fork) which corresponds to the root chakra which is your grounding chakra. This song is also working on the sacral chakra and the flow in the intestines. Vervain is the flower companion to this song as it helps with stress and sleep. Myrrh is the companion essential oil that boosts the spirits. This song’s companion crystal is opal, which is also the birth stone for libra (October), the air sign. Opals invite love, passion, and hope. The colour of this song is white for purity and sacredness. Enjoy.

I Rise – Song Medicine

Sign: Libra - air

Crystal: Opal

Flower: Vervain

Essential Oil: Myrrh

Body Location: Gall bladder, Intestine

Key: Cm

Frequency: 110hz

Colour: White

Chakra: 1st and 2nd chakra – root and sacral chakra

Healing Solution – Prayer

Healing Impact – Stress Release, Vitality, Balance


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