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Let Go - We are the same

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Can you let go. Let love fill your soul. Flow.

Wow if there has been a theme for 2022 it is "Letting Go". For me, I have danced with a lot of challenge during this year. Many that I love have gone through some really hard times. I have had a number of health challenges on top of it. I noticed that as I was trying to contain it all, everything was falling apart. Surrendering to the fire hose of life's obstacles has been my new stance. Instead of holding on, I can release worry... It is so liberating to Let Go and know that you can trust the process that is unfolding.

"Let Go" was a song that came hard and fast. A dear friend of mine was in the last days of his life. He was really suffering and having a hard time letting go despite the pain he was in. I wrote this song so he could play it in his hospital room. We had many conversations about what he was holding onto and the emotions he was processing. My reiki friends went in to offer him some healing. We would always feel Mother Mary at his side.

"Mary is here, she’s holding you tight.

Sending your fear into the dark night.

Mary is here, can you believe. Open your heart and let love intercede."

"Let Go" was written and performed by Heather Hill; recorded by Julian Decorte at Cantebury Studio in Toronto; mastered by Karl Machat, Misters Mastering; video recorded and edited by Chloe and Heather Hill.

This song's medicine has its origin in Capricorn. This sign of the goat navigates the emotional and material worlds with ease. The companion crystal is onyx, which is a protective stone for the dark nights of the soul. It is a crystal that helps one with strength in facing fear and emotions of the past. Olive is the flower essence for tiredness and exhaustion having been through a health or mental battle. The myrrh essential oil is an ointment often used in funeral ceremony to provide safe passage to eternity. This song works on the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, to connect, open, balance and heal the heart, front and back. The key of F major, with a 341 hz frequency, helps open the heart to receive love and healing. This song's colour is gold and it is ready to upgrade you in trust, faith and joy.


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