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Twilight Mist: The Story and the Medicine

Song Story

Twilight is my favorite time of day. It is a time that I “steal some time” for myself. I sit at my piano and play, create, and sing. I start with a blank slate. I play in a key that I am drawn to. I listen for an idea and try a few out on the keys. My voice then finds a melody and words come through. I slip into the unknown place where music lives. The transition into creation from my ordinary day is easy and fast. Now all I need to do is receive the sounds and venture into the mist and over the bridge.


I think that twilight is the most inspiring time for me to create because my day of obligations and responsibilities to my world is nearly over. The hectic day filled with work, responsibility, effort and caretaking is coming to a close. Night is closing in which is uncertain and a blank canvas of creation. I can feel a stillness and shift as the night creatures emerge. There is more space for me. I have time to restore and recover from the day of motherhood, counsel, and lists.


As I sit at my piano and look out to the forest and hills, I slip into the sound vibration that heals me. I reconnect with the wholeness of me as I sit in the twilight mist. Sometimes I fear what is unseen and mysterious. The twilight has been a time where darkness and fear emerge…vampires even. But I let go and sense that twilight’s diffusion brings in what is most beautiful, magnificent, and profound. I can’t help but wonder if the unknown isn’t the best time.


The twilight mist ushers me onto the bridge to my higher self and the etheric parts of me that are not of the earth. My higher self is without a care, limitation, or fear. In the mist, I feel part of something bigger than this plane of existence. I love to stay in this expansive space and often create well past the twilight hour. The physical world will have to wait.  While I do not always have the chance to create at twilight, I crave it every day. I like to review my learnings and then look forward to envisioning what is possible in my world.


I experience healing in the mist as I tap into my inner creator. As I am surrounded by sound, I feel resonant and aligned with something so much bigger than me. I feel like I am part of the sounds and frequencies. I am playing. Voices and music come through me in a channel of sound to find all the parts of me needing love. I can even hear the voices of my guides and ancestors. It is like I am one with the enchanted woodland and its creatures.


Song Medicine

This song’s medicine begins in the key of F major which is 706 hz. It is related to the sacral chakra (which is the second chakra and also the naval and spleen chakra). The frequency of this song brings an attunement to oneness and offers the listener to trust their muse. This is the sound of self-esteem, love energy, self-worth/acceptance, and purpose.  The colour of this chakra is pink for calm, peace, quiet power, and serenity.

The companion crystal is pink calcite, which is about expressing your emotions, your heart’s truth, accepting the past and looking to the future. The companion flower is the rose which unites the masculine and feminine. The essential oil is lavender for protection, love, and healing. The acai berry is the related adaptogen for courage, strength and purification. The sacred geometry is the cube opening the 33 chambers of the chakra. Pine is the tree related to this song as it stands for longevity, endurance and adapting to high altitudes. The Archangel that brings the healing is Gabriel. The star sign is Aries for fire and self-determination and authority like the Ram.


The deeper meaning of this song has to do with restoring one’s power and becoming one with purpose, meaning and Source. Through vibrational and energetic healing, this song brings you oneness and strength. The song’s message is to allow yourself to receive.


Twilight– Song Medicine


Sign: Aries

Crystal: Pink Calcite

Flower Essence: Rose

Essential Oil: Lavender

Adaptogen: Acai Berry

Tree: Pine

Body Location: Naval, Spleen

Key: F

Frequency: 706 hz

Colour: Pink

Sacred Geometry: Cube

Chakra: 2nd / Sacral Chakra also the Naval Chakra –33 chambers

Healing Solution – Vibrational/energy healing

Healing Impact – Healing touch

Archangel – Gabriel

Affirmation: I allow myself to receive


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