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Walking with angels - We are the same

Just when you think you are suffering alone... you have unseen support.

"Walking with angels down by the shore. Looking for direction. Healing the sore. You're walking beside me holding my hand. Smiling so bright, you're like the sun on the sand."

This song came about while I was fussing with raising young kids. For all of you parents out there, you will remember this time of life. At the stage my kids were in, the exertion was was emotionally, mentally and physically difficult. My youngest was always sick with one respiratory ailment after another and having terrible night terrors. I was constantly awake in the night trying to calm and tend to her fear. My other child had serial earaches. I was completely exhausted while trying to work and keep the household going.

While in this hard place, I would hear a whisper, "Come walk with me." I would walk along Lake Ontario in the east end of Toronto (in the Beaches area). I would feel the sensation that I had a team of angels walking with me. I never felt alone. I was imagining that poem called Footprints, but in this case, I was walking with my angelic team. I expected when I turned around there would be many footprints behind me in the sand. I kept turning around to see.

Out on these walks, I would ask my questions and find simple answers. I just took "one step after another". I would listen carefully and receive some relief. I would try to let go of the things that were weighing me down. It felt like I was partially grounded and partially flying. Still to this day, I go out on walks to clear my head and listen to the whispers of my angelic team. It is profound how much peace there is when you feel supported.

The beautiful piano is by my dear friend Karl Machat. Walking with Angels was written by Karl Machat and Heather Hill. Karl is on piano and Heather on vocals. It was recorded by Julian Decorte at Cantebury Music Company. It was mixed by Harrison Fine and mastered by Karl Machat. Photos by Brendan Albert and Harrison Fine. The drone footage was by C Hill.

For those of you that are open to other healing modalities, this song's medicine has its origin in sagittarius and is a fire sign. The companion crystal is ruby, which is all about overall mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. It is a powerful crystal for mothers to allow them to heal their womb and navigate motherhood with grace. Pine is the flower essence as it helps protect and filter stagnant energy. The clove essential oil helps us remove pain and open up to new possibilities. This song works on the third chakra, the solar plexus, to connect, open, balance and heal the chakra, front and back. The key of E major, with a 320 hz frequency, stimulates and opens the solar plexus chakra to help one transform and transmute beliefs. This song helps stimulate wisdom and inspiration. Try walking and listening to the song and see what shifts for your.

Walking with angels – Song Medicine

Sign: Sagittarius - fire sign

Crystal: Ruby

Flower: Pine

Essential Oil: Clove

Body Location: Stomach

Key: E

Frequency: 320 hz

Colour: Green

Chakra: 3rd chakra – Solar plexus

Healing Solution – Beliefs transformation

Healing Impact – Wisdom, Inspiration, Transmutation


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