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We are the same

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

"It's not about the one, the strongest or loudest and the richest of them all. It's about the harmony, dignity, and the love we share with each other when we fall."

By Heather Hill

It couldn’t be a better time for "We are the same" to find its way in the world. Originally this song came about when I was thinking about how people are more similar than we are different. As humans, we share emotions, physical body, mental capacity, energy, and spirit. Unfortunately, we have seen many examples in our world where our differences can isolate, separate each other and lead to great suffering. We don’t have to look very far to see endless examples of suffering relating to diversity in our indigenous communities, lgbtq2s+, black lives, women’s rights, and the list goes on.

Sometimes it feels like the richest, loudest, and most powerful people win at life. When you have few or none of these characteristics, it feels like the world is stacked against you. I choose something different from this reality; I choose harmony, dignity, and love as a part of a human community. It does feel like the wolf is sometimes knocking at my door. In these times, I must face my fears and find out who I am and what I stand for. I need to open that door, not hide behind it.

The game of life can be harsh. Sometimes life requires that we collect and acquire things. In other times, we let them go. It is a rollercoaster of change, release, and acceptance. It takes so much trust to believe in humanity when we have so many examples of betrayal and distrust. I love that we keep trying. Despite the crimes and “badness that brings us to our knees”, the morning light is something we have been able to count on. Hope always shines through.

The intention of this song is to express that humans are more the same than different. We are so much more than meets the eye. We are more than our tendency to judge and objectify each other based on skin colour, gender, sexual identity, race, etc. It takes the curiosity to dance with difference and similarity. Ultimately this song is speaking to radical acceptance of being human, in full responsibility and possibility. This song also dabbles in the esoteric idea that all humans share a spark of the divine.

When I write songs, I am also inspired by the whispers which come from my healing modalities including crystals, flowers, oils, astrology, the Akash, reiki, energy clearing, and sound/frequency/colour healing. With "We are the Same", I offer you a few additional insights to provide you with a deeper connection so you can feel supported as you listen. If you have any of these healing helpers feel free to have them handy should you want to listen and then write in your journal about what comes up for you.

In terms of Song Medicine, this song is a libra and an air sign, which is perfect for October. Bring in an opal while you are listening to this song. For the Romans, the opal was a precious love stone. Opals are about hope and amplification. The song was written in F# and in a frequency of 355.5 hz on your tuning fork or bowl. This is a frequency of the heart (4th chakra) which opens the heart to receiving and giving love.

The song has the colour gold associated with it, for divinity, sacredness, and power. This song also works with lavender as well to bring you further calming, serenity, royalty, and spiritual connection. If you have passionflower, it helps you calm your nerves as well. It is strong and pure, not to mention beautiful beyond words. This heart opening song helps you sink into mediation and experience release in your spine and heart.

This song was written for One Fire Movement and Tony Roost’s quest for spreading peace and love in the world through art. One Fire created “Songs from the Heart” to raise money for War Child Canada. Thank you to my cowriter Alec Steinwall for his beautiful words and hope for humanity. Thank you to Orville Heyn for your musicality and curiosity. Thanks to Kensington Sound for recording and mixing, and Karl Machat for mastering. Enjoy.

We are the Same – Song Medicine

Sign: Libra - air

Crystal: Opal

Flower: Passionflower

Essential Oil: Lavender

Body Location: Heart

Key: F#m to major

Frequency: 355.5 hz

Colour: gold

Chakra: 4th chakra – heart chakra

Healing Solution – Meditation

Healing Impact – Spinal Release, Heart Opening


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