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Wings: The Story and the Medicine

The Story:

The idea of this song came from many years ago when my youngest daughter was small. She had terrible night terrors and dreams each night. She was so afraid to go to sleep. During the middle of the night, she would cry out in a terrified state. I used to feel helpless, and it is one of the reasons why I wanted to learn about energy and spiritual healing. I longed to help myself and my children.


At that time, I was learning Reiki. I could see how powerful prayer and energy were for clearing spaces and healing people. When I entered my daughter’s room, I would call in the Archangels that I often worked with: Uriel, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. I would feel an immediate shift in the room. In fact, I would feel a wind and a release. My daughter would stop crying and fall soundly to sleep. The night would be peaceful and quiet again.


From then on, I would ask the Archangels, particularly Michael and Uriel, to calm the terror and release the fear for my family. I wrote this song so that I could remember what it was like to be surrounded in angels’ wings and to feel the shift from fear to peace. I wanted to give this song to other parents experiencing the same thing with their children. I wanted to offer hope in the form of angel wings.


The chorus has evolved over the years. I intented to have a chorus that would transcend and lift the song and frequency for the listener. The sentiment in the chorus asks the listener to stop carrying the worry and cast it away to receive love and peace in its place: “Send away your worry. Send away your care. Let the love in. Let the love in.” This has become my mantra in working with children. We do not need to carry all of the heaviness of the world or the challenges of others. If you are an empathic person, it can be challenging once the energies are absorbed, to release them from your body and field. This song invites the listener to give the angels your care so you can receive the comfort you are asking for.


The point of the song is that even when you are too tired and the world is too heavy to carry, you can trust Spirit, your guides, anscestors and angelic team to carry you. In the darkest and most challenging times, you can remember to call on your guides, light team, team of highest light and resonance or your angels to bring you comfort. You just need to ask and be open to receive.


Song Medicine

This song is a Gemini or an air sign. The key is D, which has a healing frequency of 857 hz. This sound aims to balance the solar plexus area in the stomach. The gold/rainbow colour is bringing relaxation to the physical body. Citrine is the crystal which provides prosperity and success with its uplifting energy. The octahedron, the platonic solid for air, means there is a careful balance between multiple forces suggests the needs for grace and diplomacy. The lotus flower symbolized purity, strength, and rebirth. The adaptogen is the astralagus root which aids in mental clarity. The spruce essential oil brings focus, calm and centering (the black spruce symbolized rootedness). The tree is the maple which has golden leaves in the fall brings strength, protection, and endurance.


This song is about clearing/releasing imprint traumas. In listening, it offers relaxation during the storms of life. The affirmation for the listener is to practise prayer, meditation, mantras and affirmations to be free of trauma. This song shows that you simply ask for help and be open to receiving. The affirmation is "I am open to receive what is in my highest and best for my soul's journey."


Song Prescription

Sign: Gemini – air sign

Crystal: Citrine

Flower: Lotus

Essential Oil: Spruce

Adaptogen: Astralagus root

Tree: Maple

Body Location: Stomach

Key: D major

Frequency: 587hz

Colour: Gold

Chakra: 3rd chakra – solar plexus (33 chambers)

Geometry: Octehedron

Healing Solution – imprint trauma clearing

Healing Impact – relaxation, calm, focus

Archangel: Uriel

Affirmation: Prayer, meditation and mantras allow me to receive.


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