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Dora Keogh, Toronto

The Toronto Songwriting Guild (TSG) is a place for writers to gather to share and grow their songwriting craft. For over a decade, this group has met each month to perform a song, provide feedback, give support, and be inspired. Its members vary in musical styles and goals, but are well matched in terms of musical love and commitment.

Cody Fenwick

Beyond description


Kat Leonard

Feisty comedic pop dynamo


Meghaan Morrison

Imagine Coldplay dancing circles with Loreena McKennitt in the Woodstock rain

Sarah Prodan

Inspired medium of lyric laments and musical tales of soulful indiscretions


Lawrie Ingles

Songs based on the concept that everything is pocket size...

Matt Gerber

Eclectic, eccentric, and oh so dandy


Don Sawchuk

An accomplished guitarist playing thoughtfully crafted songs often rooting for the underdog.


Alec Steinwall

Revealing the pebble in our shoe.


Henry Lees

Published country, folk and rhythm ’n’ blues singer-songwriter whose voice and lyrics pack a powerful punch.

Aynsley Saxe

Think Sarah McLachlan meets Jewel at Summer Solstice in Dido's backyard.


Bryan Pickell

Thoughtful, quirky & uplifting


Heather Hill

Roots in piano alt-rock-pop, stems from gutsy stories and blooms in optimism

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