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ALBUM RELEASE: We are the same

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

ALBUM RELEASE: May 12, 2022, Blue Mountains, ON. "We are the same" by Heather Hill.

Heather Hill’s self-produced album makes the bold statement, “We are the Same”. What if we stop focusing on our differences, can we see how similar we are in our humanity? This collection of inspirational, acoustic, piano-based songs is about hope and taking responsibility for one’s impact in the world. As a musician, activist, and mom raising two kids in these times of suffering and upheaval, Hill offers a view of humanity that is heart-warming, compassionate and filled with nature. She sings about being gentle on yourself, calling in help, star gazing, acceptance, and being the flow of the river. This album is warm hug on a stormy day.

This singer-songwriter is a coach and avid supporter in her community with environmental and human rights projects. She raises money for local causes that help people keep their dignity and build their personal power. Hill is passionate about service and offering what she can to help others. Half of all proceeds from this album will support Warchild and a number of Ukranian families who have come to Canada to start over.

This album is Heather's third album and an acoustic mix of songs written since her last release, "Leuty Station" in 2012. Her songs are about growing into her voice, surrender, healing, and finding light in dark times. She writes original songs from her heart and soul that combine her piano pop with her signature gospel and Celtic flare. Her passion is to spread love and peace in the world.

"We are the same" was recorded both at Villa Sound in Singhampton with Adam Fair and at Cantebury Sound with Julian Decorte. Thank you to Harrison Fine who cowrote and produced "I Rise". Thank you to all of the fine musicians who played on these songs: Karl Machat playing the piano on "Walking with Angels"; Harrison Fine playing the guitar and rainmaker, and Arturo Avalos playing percussion on "I Rise". Thank you to the Toronto Songwriting Guild for workshopping these songs over the years.

Find "We are the same" on all of the major streaming platforms. Purchase the album on Bandcamp. More importantly, share a song with a friend who is needing comfort.


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