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May You Know Grace

Jan 10/24 Video and Song Release:

Today, I wanted to give you a gift of a profound song and the story of a beautiful soul, Grace. Some of you have followed along with the many synchronicities that have occurred since the passing of my mother, Grace, last year on this day. She left us with her piano, a lifetime full of memories and her powerful song, “Grace”. So, I moved her piano to Blue Mountains, fell in love with it all over again, and found her song in the piano bench.

This untitled love song was written late in her life, repeated often like her movie soundtrack, and was the last song she played before she passed away. In the process of producing it, and swimming in its passion, love and longing, “Grace” has healed my broken heart. If you have known grief and pain of losing someone you adore, you will know that it cracks you open and transforms you.

I offer “Grace” to you today to encourage you if you are grieving, overwhelmed or without hope. My mom played the piano all her life, but was only ever heard or seen by those who needed her gift. My mom never thought she was a composer, but wrote and recorded this brilliant, complex symphonic sketch in her 70s. My mom never stopped playing until she could play no more in her 80s. Her gift was extraordinary and she did her best to share it.

Enjoy “Grace”. I am excited that this song will be featured as the bonus track on my new upcoming album “Twilight Mist”.  Starting next month a new song and story will be released.  Thank you for your support and for receiving these words and sounds.  And of course, if it moves you, please share.

Thank you to this amazing team of Creators:

Written and performed (piano) by Grace Pirie

Orchestrated and mixed by Robert Sibony

Keyboard Transcription by Artum Miskciyan

Original Piano recorded by Allan Lee

Song Mixing by Adam  Fair, Villa Sound

Song Mastered by Noah Mintz, Laquer Channel Mastering

Drone Footage by Chloe Hill

Location Nairn, Scotland

Produced by Heather Pirie-Hill - music and video


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