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The simple light of Venus

Casts a gentle stroke of genius

With the five points she leads us

On a journey of soul freeness

Venus is my favourite planet. As I was sitting at my piano around twilight, I could see out of my window the brightest light in the sky. I was so amazed, I had to get my star-chart app out to check if it was Venus. I felt like I was basking in her light. Then the song came...this simple but profound light came down to earth to remind me of profound beauty and the feminine power.

For anyone out there who feels like they spin in opposite direction from most people, this song is for you. Named after a Roman Goddess, Venus spins clockwise on her axis, unlike other planets. It takes her earth 243 days to orbit around the sun, the slowest of all in the solar system. Next to the moon, she is the brightest object. Her transit has been studied over millennia because she is so bright.

What I really love is that Venus has a five point orbit - forming a pentagram or the petals of Venus. This five pointed star is an important mystical symbol representing balance and protection. The five elements are present in earth, air, fire, water and spirit. "When plotted geocentrically – from an Earth-centered perspective – there is a highly noticeable rhythm in the motion of Venus. After eight years, it returns to the same place in our sky on about the same date. This is known as the eight-year cycle of Venus, and stems from the fact that 13 Venusian orbits (13 x 224.8 days) very nearly equals eight Earth years. As a matter of fact, the cycle was known to, and of great interest to, ancient peoples such as the Maya. Today, many know it as the pentagram or petals of Venus." - Guy Ottewell, Jan 22, 2023.

In these times, there is a clearing and balancing of the masculine and feminine energies in our world. We are witnessing the rise of the feminine, which has been traditionally suppressed. Venus, the planet of the divine feminine, is my muse in this song. Her rhythm and timing is different, her axis is unusual, her beauty is profound and her message is freedom of creativity, expression, love and joy. She is free-flowing and wild. She has her own knowing and flow in her presence and way of being.

This song's medicine has its origin in Aquarius - the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac. This air sign of the water bearer and this sign is about creativity and intelligence. The companion crystal is Herkimer Diamond, which is a stone of attunement and heightening of the shamanic journey. Olive is the flower essence for tiredness and exhaustion having been through a health or mental battle. The myrrh essential oil is an ointment often used in funeral ceremony to provide safe passage to eternity. This song balances with the crown (7th) chakra, to reflect on nature and share joy. The key of F major, with a 341 hz frequency, helps open the heart to receive love and healing. This song's colour is gold and it is ready to upgrade you in trust, faith and joy. This song helps awaken your divine feminine.

"Venus" was written and performed by Heather Hill; recorded by Adam Fair, Villa Sound in Singhampton, On.


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