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Infinity: The Story and The Medicine

Updated: Apr 1

Song Story:

Infinity was a song I wrote to help clear my stories and blocks from my past. I wanted to share with you my clearing cycle that I use when I am connected to my guides and ancestors. I clear to shift emotions, integrate my ego, clear blocks, and receive insight through my intuition. I have been able to “see and hear” from my guides and angels since I was a young girl. There were times I lost touch with my gifts, but they re-emerged later in life when I wanted to see again when I became a mother.


The first part of my process is Intention. “Save me from the dark side of me” is the opening plea or intent for this song. The shadow is sometimes overwhelming as I see myself sabotaging myself and dimming my light. I turn to my guides to help lessen my burden and accept my egoic self. I know that within this shadow I am releasing what I don’t need or learning something important in my life.


The prechorus speaks of the pain of being out of alignment with my ego and corresponding exhaustion of blame, shame, games, control, and holding onto the programs/stories of my life. The voices of the ego, judge, saboteur, or critic are always present, no matter how "spiritual" or gifted you are. These voices are acknowledged, and the conscious and sage self knows there is another choice.


The second verse of the song presents an Ask to Source/Creator/God of all that is to clear away the stories of my past in my subconscious or lifetimes. This powerful ask is accompanied by a knowing and feeling that joy and love are my birthright. There is an acknowledgement that there is another way to grow apart from suffering, pain, and loss.


“Take me into my inner divinity” in the third verse, is a sinking into the resonance of Source. In this clearing cycle, I give over to the unknown of the process and trust that what is ready to release will release. It is an acknowledgement that I can only “know” so much, but I am surrendered to the process of life and my learnings. The feeling of “going in” to this divine, sacred space is peaceful.


The bridge is part of the prayerful, meditative, and intuitive space that brings images and downloads that are beautiful and expansive about where I am and where I am going. I am an observer of what is possible: nature, humanity, beauty, love, peace, expansion, worth, and abundance. The answers and visions are resonant. This is the receiving part of the healing cycle.


Finally, the last verse is about being filled with love which is limitless and boundless. This incredibly transcendent feeling love, from “here to the stars”, lets me know that I have fully received and what I have intended has come to pass. The feeling is connection to all things...connected to infinity. While difficult to put this clearing and receiving journey into words, the feeling of resonance and safety is powerful. The healing of the past is received.


Song Medicine:

The song "Infinity" helps clear the root/base chakra, which has two chambers and appears as platinum and white. This chakra is all about being safe and one feels safe by healing one’s past traumas and patterns. The clearing cycle is facilitated by Archangel Gabriel. The crystal that this song celebrates is opal which helps one with balance, clarity, and freedom. The opal helps release emotions, such as anger and stagnation. The flower medicine for this song is the white lilac which means purity, innocence, calm and spirituality. The tree medicine for “Infinity” is the spruce tree symbolizes kindness, protection, safety. The adaptogen is ashwagandha which aids in physical, mental, and emotional awakening. In Ayurveda, is it used to open and balance chakra centres and to strengthen and unblock the root chakra. Sage is the essential oil to cleanse and purify. This song is associated with the element of air and the sign of Libra for interconnectivity. The sacred geometry is the powerful triangle which is powerful in all traditions and culture as an air symbol of shelter, family, stability, protection, sacred place, the trinity and so much more. The song’s message is to accept your best is good enough.


Song Prescription:

Sign: Libra

Crystal: Opal

Flower: Lilac

Essential Oil: Sage

Adaptogen: Ashwagandha

Tree: Spruce

Body Location: Base of the spine

Key: Eb minor

Frequency: 632 Hz

Colour: platinum/white

Geometry: Triangle

Chakra: Root/Base

Healing Solution – Safety

Healing Impact – Healing the past

Archangel – Gabriel

Affirmation: Accept my best is good enough.


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