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Write on Track Podcast Interview

Healing Through Music

From Demi:

" Wow, I couldn’t feel more honored to share such an inspiring and moving conversation with Heather Hill. This is a very special one on healing through music. Chatting with Heather and hearing about her stunning album, Twilight Mist, has opened my mind and heart. Our conversation truly speaks for itself, so please, give this one a listen and enjoy every moment.

Are you enjoying Write on Track? Do you have a topic suggestion for an episode? Would you like to be a guest? Email me at Also, I’d love to connect with you. My official website is, and you can find me on Twitter at   / demimschwartz  , Instagram at   / demimschwartz  , and Facebook at   / demimschwartz  . Thank you so much for listening. Until next time, stay “write on track!”


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