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Sacred Cycle - The Story and The Medicine

Updated: Apr 1

The Story:

With each song there is a story. “Sacred Cycle”, the first track on “Twilight Mist” is about playing out the same story, pattern, behaviour over and over. When you finally become aware that you are retracing your steps, patterns, and stories, you can find your way through and out. Cycles and circles are powerful teachers. Once we notice, we can find freedom.

This circular motion in my life has been such a gift and a burden as I have experienced the same patterns repetitively. My trouble stemmed from looking outside of myself to find love and joy. I could change homes, countries, friends, jobs and yet “no matter where you go, there you are”. These external changes always lead me back around to feeling disconnected. What kept me going, was my knowing that I wanted and deserved deep love and connection.

This song came out of my meditation practise. I like to sit in a circle outside or imagine myself in a sacred circle like Stonehenge or Avebury. As I have learned about sacred circles, I have wanted to feel a deeper connection and to let go of my old meaning. As it happens, there is a circle of rocks on the land where I live. This special place is in a forest of old oak, hemlock, pine, and maple trees. There are beautiful birds that are singing on the tree branches. Each season and direction is part of the cycle that I notice while sitting in this circle. There is constant motion of a circle that continues to release what is no longer needed and birth new opportunities.

I go to this circle when I need a grounded and safe place to let go and suspend my perspective, my thoughts, my emotions, stories, etc. Being a mother is another sacred cycle. The womb, her eggs, her cycle which is circular represents another circle of life. A woman grows through different stages from childhood to teenage years to reproductive years to crone years and emerges as a wise elder in her later years. She is part of a family and an entire cycle of life. She is not alone, but has the opportunity to emerge in her power and strength.

The Song Medicine:

So each song on the album "Twilight Mist" came song prescription. The first track "Sacred Cycle" is about deep grounding of the earth star chakra. These other healing modalities (eg crystals, oils, frequencies) came forward as the song was written to offer further grounding of this chakra for the listener.

This song was written in the key of C minor with a frequency of 110 hz bringing a hopeful feeling. This song offers a connection with the grounding sacred feminine to open the 33 chambers of the earth star chakra (below your feet and above your head). This silver-coloured chakra is cleared and balanced for grounding the spirit into the natural world. The mysterious luna flower or moon flower is part of the medicine as comes out at night and is considered mysterious and enchanted.

The featured adaptogen is holy basil which reduces stress and anxiety. The associated essential oil is grapefruit for uplifting the mood and gaining clarity. Bringing in the six smokey quartz crystals offers deep grounding and anchoring into the earth. The sacred geometry is the circle representing wholeness, cycles and potential. The Archangel helper for this chakra is Sandalphon bringing up the crystalline grid of the earth up to meet us on our journey through our life’s lessons. Taurus is the star sign as this song is deeply rooted in the earth.

In short, Sacred Cycle is a meditation song that helps you ground deeply into the earth so that you can release what you no longer need and to receive your gifts. Like the oak tree, we need a deep root ball for us to expand our canopy into the sky. This foundation brings us stability no matter the storm or joy in life. The affirmation is “be willing to move off your position” in order to align with your soul’s plan. Visit "Sacred Cycle" on spotify or other major music platforms to receive the gift of this song's reiki infused offering.

Song Prescription:

Sign: Taurus

Crystal: Smokey Quartz and Hematite

Flower: Luna

Essential Oil: Grapefruit

Adaptogen: Holy Basil

Body Location: Below feet/above head

Key: C minor

Frequency: 110 Hz

Colour: platinum silver

Geometry: Circle

Chakra: Earth Star Chakra

Healing Solution: Grounding

Healing Impact: Feminine energy balancing, earth connection, breath

Archangel: Sandalphon

Affirmation: Be willing to move off your position


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