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The River - We are the same

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Every day I walk my dog in a ravine in the Blue Mountains. There is a river running through the forest. I am amazed by how different this path and the river is each day in every season.

My dog walk is a highlight of my day because I get to notice what is happening in the forest. I take my stress in there, and let it go as I walk. I don’t even listen to anything on my phone while I am walking. I just want to hear the birds, smell the trees, and watch the water.

On one particularly challenging day, I was thinking about the Esther Hicks video about how people find themselves rowing upstream and working hard, instead of letting go of the oars and going with the flow. She was speaking to the tendency of people to be overly committed to effort and taking the hard road.

Since I am a recovering “hard road taker”, I often think about what I am doing to resist the flow of life. I always wonder what I can let go of or drop, to travel downstream with greater ease.

As I looked at this stream, I imagined floating down this river. I know I would encounter a dam of logs. Despite the obstacle, the water would get through it because of the momentum of the river. It wasn’t necessary to try hard. I wondered about all the things I am blocking because of my trying to control my trip down the river. What was my log jam?

I followed the river to the end and into the lake. I loved that this river could powerfully find its way home to join a larger body of water. I longed for my larger tribe too. I really wanted to meet my larger body of water at the end of the river.

My big realization for this song was that it was time to let go, to let come. To this day, as I walk, I consciously let go of ideas that are not serving me. It is easier to say than do. As part of my daily ritual, I throw things (figuratively) in the river each day. This song reminds me to ground into the earth to grow and release what isn’t serving me.

This song’s medicine is about movement and walking. This song is perfect for grounding energy in the earth. The flower essence is water violet for humility and flow. The flower is lavender which represents calm, purity, silence and grace. The song is written in C with a frequency of 256 hz for your tuning fork. This song is clearing the 1st chakra, which is the root chakra, associated with red and vitality and life-force. The crystal Smokey quartz is perfect for grounding. This song works on the base of the spine and intestines. The song washes over you like a river to bring you courage and calm. Enjoy.

The River – Song Medicine

Sign: Taurus - Earth

Crystal: Smokey Quartz

Flower: Water Violet

Essential Oil: Lavender

Body Location: Base of the Spine

Key: C

Frequency: 256 hz

Colour: Red

Chakra: 1st chakra - root

Healing Solution – Grounding, Body Alignment

Healing Impact – Honesty, Courage, Vitality


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