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TWILIGHT MIST - Album Release

Heather Hill's Ethereal Folk-Pop Album "Twilight Mist" to Spark Hope and Healing on Leap Day, February 29th


For Immediate Release: February 19, 2024 (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Twilight Mist, launched on the magical leap day, is Heather Hill’s fourth studio album. It is the first she has written, performed and produced all 13 tracks of etheric folk-pop with a Celtic, new age vibe. The music features contemporary world music rhythm combined with classical orchestral swells, earthy woodwinds, soulful piano pop, and warm mezzo vocals.


Imagine Enya, Carole King, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, and Kate Bush meet in the forest to create faery music and dance under the stars. The album tells the story of Hill's healing journey after losing her mother and several other loved ones. It also reflects on health challenges in her family and big transitions in her career and life. The overall theme is about hope and inspiration that comes from awakening, rebirth, and renewal.


The title track "Twilight Mist" embraces uncertainty as we face change such as death or new cycles. It invites listeners into an expansive place of mystery where they can feel safe to create, rest, and receive - free from care or fear. This moody, even romantic song, was created from a landscape of the Blue Mountains hills and forests.


“I immerse myself in the healing vibrations of sound," Hill explains. "Sitting in the twilight mist, I rediscover my completeness. Although I sometimes feel apprehensive about what is hidden and mysterious, I believe that twilight's diffusion unveils what is most beautiful, magnificent, and profound. It makes me wonder if the unknown might actually be the most opportune moment.


This album represents Heather Hill's journey of healing and courage to step fully into her power as an artist, leadership coach, and intuitive. As a coach, she shares wisdom on life transitions, emotional release, ancestral transference, finding one’s voice and emerging with a new story. As an intuitive, she contributes clairvoyance, energetic clearing and grounding to this album. She also adds vibrational clearing, meditation and prayer along with divine feminine balancing and upgrading of the 15 chakras.


The 13th song was composed by her late mother, Grace Pirie. She was a gifted pianist and composer, dedicating her life to performing for audiences at family gatherings and church functions. "Grace" stands as a testament to her mother's love and musical legacy; Hill orchestrated this musical piece to share her brilliance with others, allowing them to bask in the warmth of her artistry and passion.


Twilight Mist Credits:


  • This album was developed with Robert Sibony, a renowned musician, percussionist, orchestrator, recording engineer, composer, arranger, and overall kind soul. Robert created innovative and cinematic percussion and string orchestration for the album.

  • Heather Hill wrote the songs, performed the piano, and sang on all the tracks.

  • Talented recording artist, Kevin Fox, performed the cello for ten of the tracks creating a powerful, dreamlike landscape for the songs.

  • Adam Fair at Villa Sound in Singhampton recorded the voice and piano on all tracks, mixed and edited the album.

  • Noah Mintz mastered the album at Laquer Channel in Toronto.

  • Sarah Prodan, a fellow musician and professor, co-wrote the lyrics on many of the tracks. Henry Lees, an award-winning songwriter and frequent collaborator, cowrote the lyrics on “Courage.”

  • Tony Roost, a fellow peace and humanitarian activist and cowrote “Other Side.”

  • Karl Machat, a pianist and musical friend performed on “Gold.”

  • Grace Pirie composed and performed the piano on “Grace,” recorded by Allan Lee

  • Concert pianist Artum Miskciyan transcribed “Grace” for orchestration by Robert Sibony.


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